Healthful water

Ionized water is worth considering when searching for a healthful water solution

According to medical and scientific literature, the healthy and natural state of human blood has a pH of 7.365, which is mildly alkaline. Even a slight deviation in this factor, particularly toward the acidic side of the pH scale, i.e., less than 7.0, can be accompanied by disease, even death. The body, in its wisdom, will balance its alkaline-acid state even at the cost of creating an imbalance in the mineral reserves of other tissues since the proper pH is so vital to health.

Unfortunately, we live in a toxic world that imposes overwhelming acidity on our body’s homeostasis. From the foods, water, and other liquids we consume containing damaging chemicals, to the air we breathe, to the stress we experience, our world and lifestyles have a large acidic impact on our health and well being in addition to the fact that many people are chronically dehydrated. Since we are primarily water beings comprised of approximately 75% water by weight, it follows that without adequate and healthful water, many unhealthy changes occur in our bodies at the cellular level. “Since the natural pH of a cell is primarily dependent upon proper hydration, as cells become dehydrated, the acid wastes inside the cell concentrate and the overall cellular pH becomes more acidic. Many of these acid wastes trapped inside the cell are positively charged, free radicals that damage the interior structures of the cell.” (Turning Back the Hands of Time, Dr. Peggy Parker, Simple Health Network, 2013, page 8.)

Ionized, alkaline water, also called restructured or hexagonal water created through an electrolysis process with specialized technology, is what Hiromi Shinya, M.D. terms “good water” that is necessary for the immune system to function properly. With water filtration in place as the first step, it is then the synergy of the three properties of ionized, alkaline water – high antioxidant capacity, alkalinity for oxygenation and pH balancing, and hexagonal structure for deep hydration and detoxification at the cellular level – that make it the high quality water that is the key component of health and maintenance of cellular function. In fact, Dr. Shinya identifies ionized, alkaline water to “be an invaluable aid in helping you to cleanse and revitalize your cells.” (The Rejuvenation Enzyme, Hiromi Shinya, M.D., Millichap Books, 2012, page 82.)

Cancer cells thrive in an acid environment, and they don’t do well when the body is more alkaline.”

We stress alkalinization, which is a big factor: Alkaline Water, and green powders (that contain wheat grass, rye, etc.). These substances alkalinize the body.”

You can never underestimate the importance of diet in beating cancer. It’s everything.”

(Comments of Dr. James Forsythe, Board Certified Oncologist quoted in a 3/29/14 lecture by Marianne Rosen, M.D., Charleston, SC)

Having one’s own ionizing system enables using refillable, BPA-free bottles to preserve and support health and save the environment while promoting toxic chemical-free living with the other waters to replace personal and household cleaning chemicals.  The article mentions average families spend $1000/year on bottled water . The bottled water industry is a $12-13 BILLION per year industry.

Bottled water is simply filtered, highly marketed tap water bottled in another place and shipped at great environmental cost all over the world (plastics and oil for production and shipping).

Many companies manufacture ionizing water filtration systems available for a variety of price ranges from moderate to expensive. Before purchasing, be diligent and read the online FAQ’s and online reviews associated with water filtration systems.

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Posted on: February 14, 2016, by : Dr. Yuliya Klopouh